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I'm having issues with my vision, and I'm slightly scared...

Writting directly .txt files is SO FREEING. I hate raw HTML TBH.

I'm starting to realize how much more articulate I'm in Spanish than in English... I'll probably start uploading most content only in Spanish, sorry!

New layout!
How epic!!!

Go vegan. There is no "humane" way of killing.

We live in a world in which a tree is worth more, financially, dead than alive, in a world in which a whale is worth more dead than alive.

I think I want to write more small essays and less "blog" posts. Maybe even some in spanish, again...

Quiz time! What are three things you are grateful for?

I've gained some weight! (That's good for me).

I'm kinda stuck, not being able to work. It really sucks, and I'm afraid of failing...

I have spent the weekend in Bilbao with someone special :) Chack the last pics in the gallery (2021-08-07 and 2021-08-08).

I've started to try to learn to play the ukulele, again. Hope this time goes better.

Lately I'm always tired. And it's hard to push trough, to keep going taking care of everything.

I want to learn toki pona.