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Social Networks of Mass Disinformation

In the past months I've slowly deleted all my social networks. The apps, the profiles, the information. Everything.

A few days ago I finally deleted Twitter, the last one standing.

I'm still "recovering", I'm still feeling the withdrawal. Still, I wanted to share with you why I did it, and how I did it.



  1. Turn off notifications for a set amount of time (X hours everyday).
  2. Turn off you phone for a set amount of time (X hours everyday).
  3. Uninstall the apps, only use the webs.
  4. Remove the networks one by one:
    1. Unfriend / unfollow everyone that doesn't "spark joy".
    2. Download the data
    3. Set a message with you new contact system. I recommend a non-google email address.
    4. Give some time to assess that you are not "losing" anyone important, and delete the network. JustDeleteMe is pretty useful for that.
  5. If you had interesting data on the downloaded archives, you can set up a website to host it. For example, my Gallery was originally a dump of the photos from Instagram.
  6. Enjoy your newly-found free time. Pick a book (6 hours everyday would mean a book every couple days), watch a movie or documentary (6 hours a day are more than 3 full movies), learn to unicycle (6 hours a day means learning to unicycle in two or three days)...