Life calendar

Each square is a week. This is how long I have lived until now ( weeks). If I were to live an average 83 year life (the average in my country), I would only get to the bottom of the chart.

You may think that this is sad, but I think it's pretty sweet. It's amazing that we get to live so much, to experience such an incredible world, even if it's only for a short time. Sometimes, though, we take life for granted, and we forget that we are only temporary creatures. I hope that this calendar helps me remember this, so that I can enjoy my time here. Why left anything for tomorrow? I may not be there to tick the next box...

I have intentionally designed this not to autoupdate. If I die, it won't keep updating. That also means that if I forget to update one week, it will stay the same... So don't worry, I'll probably forget to update often, but I only expect to die once.

(Ping! Still alive)