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Long time ago, someone dreamed a decentralized computer network. Raw information zipping through the wires from peer to peer, teaching and learning. The biggest library ever dreamed.

That dream has died.

We lost the static IPv4 addresses. The domain names are paid and centralized. All the data has quicly migrated to centralized and private servers, locked in timebombed technologies. The good old forums have become Discord servers, the IRC chats Whatsapp groups...

But not everything is lost. The old information is still there, and many are trying to add to it. From Gemini and Gopher to IPFS

IPFS in particular seems pretty amazing. The idea is basically discoverable torrents, a network of nodes freely hosting redundant copies of the same information.

Right now, I'm planning on setting up a Raspberry Pi as a IPFS node (there is an amazing tuto here) to host both this page and the webpage of XR Iruña (WIP). It's much easier than attempting a full web server, and seems safer and harder to hack (so I hope).

Remember that there are always alternatives!

Fight back for the internet!


As usual, I don't think I'm the best to explain all of this, so here you have better places to jump to: